Role of Internet and Technology in CRM

Customer has become demanding by the day, therefore fulfilling customer’s demand has become more complex, difficult and unmanageable to certain extent. In any business customer relationship management process works to handle customer personally, and also keep strong follow up, but as businesses have become more digital and large, handling all customer’s personally now seems a distant dream. But Technology has come to play substantive role in managing relationship with customer and take it further to fruitful and flourishing heights. Nowadays, CRM software development is enabling easy management of relationship with present customers and development of relationship with prospective customers. The idea is to strengthen customer relationship management workflow, and hone its social characteristics and build healthy and positive brand image. CRM software system inculcates all these virtues, meanwhile targeting to consolidate brand and market presence. CRM software performs following functions:- Manages interactions with customers, and enables higher sales. Manages customers’ and clients’ contact details such as name, address, phone, birthday etc. Tracks sales figures and accounts Provide business intelligence and analytics to business heads Solve, review and/or analyze problems, obstacles and issues in CRM process Maintains consistent customer follow up Marketing of products and services Boost brand reputation Needless to say, above mentioned functions of CRM system are crucial for any type of business organization, because, customers’ happiness is the most important factor in business growth. To make relationship healthier and better, business organizations are innovating with CRM. Social CRM is an innovation which is showing high success rate in leveraging sales, brand reputation and communication with customer. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Google+ are providing faster, easier, cheaper and effective customer relationship management. In additions, its effects are also far-reaching leading to attraction of prospective customer online. To handle social CRM, one needs social marketers excelling in management of conversation with customers both negative and positive. Also there is social CRM software that centralizes all social media platforms and handles updated customer data in a database. Social media generates vast amount of business intelligence that a social CRM software database can collect, record, store and handle. Social CRM software connects social customer’s profiles with database to keep updated data, and also keep tracks with their social footprints. And also understand customer’s preferences, demands and needs minutely, and then provide recommendations to improve strategy and business prospects. All these software are effective, but their cost goes into hundreds to millions of dollars that may secrete out all fruits from its implementation. To avoid such a cost, one can look for a software development company to provide off-shelf or on-shelf CRM software products and services that are cloud enabled or based on SaaS (Software as a Service) environment. Cloud enabled or SaaS based CRM software cuts the cost substantially, making it affordable and reachable for small business owners. Customized solutions in CRM provided by software development companies are also lucrative option because with this one can opt for the desirable features and functions to be included in software and choose platform to support and environment to be built in.