Internet of Things Core Technology

People perceive the natural world through the sense organs and colorful scene. The human sense organs are often equated with features. Human sense organs are mainly the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and other 5, but is often said the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue or facial features that are different. The five sense organs is the main perception of light, mechanical, thermal and other physical quantities, of course, nose and tongue function of both the amount of chemical perception. Most physical and chemical nature of quantitative changes are continuous, which is called Analog. While today’s computers can recognize, processing, storage is discrete, or digital, and in most of the computer’s information processing process, the information is to call for the carrier’s. Therefore, we need sensors to be transformed. In layman’s terms, the sensor is non-consumption of analog electrical signals into analog. These converted analog signal is usually very weak, so need amplifier, via A / D converter into digital signals, which are recognized by the computer and processing. Sensor network for the materials is important because the sensor in the information space and nature and build a bridge. Since the nature of everyday people feel mostly the main physical properties of objects, then the sensor in a large family, the type and number of physical sensors to be far more than chemistry, biomass and other non-physical sensors. Sensors have a variety of categories, such as by being measured, the measured parameters of sensor materials, sensing mechanism, and even categorized according to application types. Semiconductor sensors, being able to detect several physical and easy to manufacture, and have been a more widely used, but it only covers part of the family Zhuangan Qi, and, in some physical quantity measurement precision also could not achieve the best results, for example, in temperature measurement, the accuracy is far behind the thermocouple. It is because many sensors sensitive material is difficult to replace silicon, but sensors are all facing the small and even the strong demand for miniaturization, so MEMS have the opportunity to show their talents. iPhone4 start another gyroscope hot Gyroscope as to detect the position, level, position, velocity and acceleration of the changes, which are widely used in aviation, spaceflight, navigation, weapons (such as missiles, inertial guidance) and other military fields. Gyroscope has gone through from the three-axis high-speed rotating electromechanical gyroscope to the laser, fiber and so the development of solid-state gyroscopes, until the rise of MEMS gyroscopes, gyroscope put down a noble figure, from the high-end military applications into the mass consumer electronics market. Truth is not new gyroscope it with three 40 years ago one of the most popular toys – top, like the more stable the faster rotation. But it magical enough. Ten years ago, Segway electric cars come out, people who stand on the two coaxial electric bicycle riding skills were superb balance marvel, but the real hero behind the scenes is a gyroscope. After the gyroscope appeared in children’s toys, in November 2006, Nintendo launched the Wii console, brings a more realistic table tennis and other sports games. Although far less than the Wii in the performance of Sony and Microsoft consoles, but because the embedded MEMS gyroscope for the Wii brings a whole new gaming experience, and thus closer to the sales of sales of Microsoft and Sony consoles combined, so that Sony and Microsoft squeezed by years of games industry veteran Nintendo to export foul smells. As the Wii via the Internet to conduct competitions, thus the name not too far-fetched things networking equipment. Technically, it should be a Nintendo MEMS success. If no application made MEMS gyroscope technology, then, hand-held game controller to accommodate the narrow space is difficult to gyroscopes. Even so, even the gyroscope can be put to the original table tennis game becomes the fitness game, because the weight of the gyroscope enough to the game controller into a dumbbell.