Do Not Pay for High Speed Local Internet Speeds You Will Never Use

I have been watching all the commercial on TV for fast Internet service. All of the companies have a hook. I like the one that shows a family in a nice new modern house with all white furniture and carpeting. They are sitting around in their brand name clothes using the latest electronics watching videos and playing games. The ad implies how happy they are to have their new super fast Internet service. Well, my wife and kids along with me have a local Internet service that is a lot cheaper and just as effective.

We do not have white furniture and carpeting, and we buy a lot of our clothes from department stores. However, we do need fast Internet service. The kids are really into photography, videography and other things that take up a lot of bandwidth. I access and download large data files from work when I am telecommuting. None of us has any problems with our local Internet service speeds. My wife does her videoconferencing with work when she telecommutes, and some days we are both home together working. We do not have any speed problems even when the kids are home on Saturdays we are working from home.

Those fancy commercials that tell you how you need the latest and greatest Internet speeds are all about getting money out of your pocket for something you will likely not even fully use. My brother-in-law bought a brand new muscle car just to hop between red lights on a daily rush hour commute. He bragged his car can do 180 mph, but he never goes over 70 commuting to work and back. Most of the time he is in a 35 mph zone. Why pay for speed you are not using? Sure, it is cool to know it is there. But why pay all that extra money for something you never use?

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