Comsats and Link Net, a Comparison

Comsats Pakistan started its operation here in the year 1996. At the same time the company is the oldest and pioneer in the field of internet service providers. Similarly, more or less it is the backbone of the internet market of Pakistan. Its multi city approach in the country is quite successful and now operating 12 renowned cities of the country. Definitely, the main aim is to provide reliable internet products and unique services to the million of internet users in Pakistan. Its useful resource consists of more than 200 people with their unique and outstanding skills, whether it’s monitoring the complicated internet system or networking and communications across the country.

Comsats Pakistan is equipped with technology geeks. The key features are the most outstanding when it comes to comparison.

Exclusive Dialup Port:
Its’ DDP is exclusively designed for such users who always demand a 24 hours connectivity, especially news media and software houses. Really, its DDP is suitable for such users.

Web Hosting:
Comsats Pakistan is the exclusive place of web hosting, as it provides the maximum web hosting service to its valued customers in Pakistan. Obviously, such web hosting giant is quite comfortable for corporate and commercial clients.

FTP Hosting:
To enjoy the easiest, smooth and hustle free FTP hosting, then it’s better to stick with COMSATS. Otherwise you are wasting your time on internet. Defiantly, if you are able to share information in a safe and secure way, then your business will boom out.

Email Hosting:
This unique service allows you give you an ultimate freedom for the Email space which can create unlimited POP accounts.


Link.Net, the customer friendly and one of the Microsoft Gold Partner is a tough competitor in internet market of Pakistan.
To be the part of Microsoft in its global venture is a success story itself. But on the same time Link.Net Pakistan has so much to offer to the customers in the shape of diversified internet services.
These are some of the key benefits which one can enjoy with Link.Net Pakistan

Online Advertising
Residential ADSL
Link 0777
Web Development
Dedicated IP access
Shared Hosting
Data Network & VPNs
Wi-Fi Public Services
Global Connectivity

With its fast speed and reliable connectivity Link.Net is also affiliated with world famous UUNET of New York, which is one of the biggest IP providers around the globe. Similarly, Link.Net Pakistan is proposed to launch WiMax in the dominating cities of the country.